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It is possible to meet real needs, manage change and offer solutions beyond anticipation, but close to the customer is possible. BİLTAS organization has been established on sectoral structure in order to offer sector specific solutions to our customers operating in different sectors.

Biltaş, providing brand-independent, turn-key solution solutions, provides its customers in different sectors with competitive advantage, operational efficiency, effective business models and added value.

Our aim as a company; In Turkey, as a company that produces and provides reliable solutions especially in the field of software, we are creating employment and contributing to the Turkish economy by spreading our services together with our customers and business partners all over the country. Biltaş aims to increase the productivity of our customers, focus on their own business and achieve added value in every sense:

  • Reliability,
  • High sense of responsibility,
  • Experience,
  • Quality awareness,
  • Constant development belief,
  • Commitment to business ethics,

Who is BİLTAŞ?

The path to success is possible with the effective use of “information” and information technologies. We have contributed to the achievement of our customers’ targets with information technology solutions we have been offering since 1976. Thus, we make the sub-structure of creating more accurate decisions, more efficient strategies, faster and more quality services, more competitive businesses, more efficient institutions.
Biltaş is one of the Turkey’s oldest and largest domestic IT / IT company. In 1976, in every region of our country, firstly Marmara region; started to develop software and hardware sales, after-sales support, consultancy, training and application development.

Since its foundation, our company, which has been working in partnership with IBM, has continued to work with TPA (Complementary Marketing Agency), GPA (General Marketing Agency) and DO (Solution Partner). By the year of 2001, BİLTAŞ became Advanced Business Partner.

Founded in Istanbul, our company has been active in 1984 as the Aegean Regional Directorate and in 1987 as the Ankara Regional Directorate. In 1992, he moved his company headquarters to Izmir and started to operate Istanbul activities as Regional Directorate.

In the first years of its foundation, our continued software operations, centered on IBM 3X and IBM AS / 400, transformed into a platform-independent software development and solution platform that recognizes every platform in the process. Today, with the sectoral software solutions developed for vertical markets, especially tourism sector, Turkey has become a solution point in sectoral software.

Celebrating its 41th year in the sector, BILTAŞ has undertaken projects throughout Turkey and honored with dozens of awards.

The IT sector continues to thrive with rapid change. There are many software / hardware products on the market that will meet the different requirements of institutions. Each one is stronger in some respects than others, and weaker in others than others. New standards, new technologies, different solutions, different platforms, different protocols, shrinking world with communication revolution, explosions in number of service companies, different purposes; This change is taking place in the sector as a side effect.

The only fact that this change in the IT sector has not changed is that today it is proving itself to be more underrated than it is from the beginning to the present:

  • Service organizations that will respond to the information needs of the companies are not imperative but alternative demonstrators,
  • Not specialized in a single subject, with a predictive ability to adapt to change,
  • Not to interpret the technology in itself,proven expertise,
  • Not only saves the today of the customer, but can light the future,
  • Not trying to cover their exploits, but finding solutions with different partnerships,
  • Which has an aim,
  • With a plan,
  • Institutional
  • It is a necessity for them to take part in the market as organizations.

BİLTAŞ A.Ş,another sister company that has been structured in line with these considerations, ADAPA A.Ş. With the aim of being able to respond to product and service requests that may come from companies in different sectors in the most efficient way.

To Our Customers;

  • Suitable for World conditions,
  • Realistic,
  • Quality is accepted in the world,
  • Fit in Business requirements and  be reliable,
    1. And create advanced technology and industry standard hardware and software products;
    1. Within the Standards,
    2. With uninterrupted technical support and service services,
    3. Delivering Turnkey Projects
    4. With having long-term and sustainable relations,
    5. Integrated solutions “to increase productivity and profitability.
BILTAŞ has developed many sectoral application software with its experience for many years and presented it to the service of our customers. We provide these software solutions that provide added value to our customers by following the developments in software technologies very well.

Biltaş is ready to provide superior quality services to its customers with its national and global objectives, customer-focused approach and distinguished employees. Taking the principle of providing fast and high quality service to its customers, Biltaş takes its strength from its customers.

It is the basis of our Quality Policy to meet our clients’ needs and expectations on time, to ensure effective team work, to build innovative systems based on continuous learning in service processes, and to constantly invest in knowledge and human resources.

Our quality policy at its most basic; To provide the most appropriate system integration services with customer and employee satisfaction, to keep the development continuously and in an efficient and efficient manner by keeping the front plan.

We support the responsibility of providing quality service to our customers with our corporate culture based on unconditional customer satisfaction. We believe that the added value we produce as Biltaş contributes to the Turkish economy.

Our unchangeable principle from our organization today is to try to turn every project we make with every customer into a success story by producing the right solutions. As a result, BİLTAS celebrated its 41th year in the sector and has been awarded with awards and prizes in Turkey.

Some of these awards are;

  • IBM Business Partner Award
  • Successful Service Award
  • Outstanding Achievement Award
  • Customer Satisfaction Award
  • Successful Project Award of the Year
  • High Performance Award
  • Sales Performance Award
  • IBM Software Academy Award for Contribution

Bizi Önemli Yapanlar

Güven 100
Hoşgörü 95
Güler Yüzlü Hizmet 97
Yazılım Çözümleri 75
Altyapı 70

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