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Biltaş has established a dynamic human resources structure that is always honest and transparent, constantly improving itself, producing innovative and creative ideas in the duties and responsibilities it carries out with the customer oriented activities required by the information sector. Biltaş employees; who are dynamic and innovative family member of the company, giving importance to ethical values, conform to teamwork, believe in continuous improvement, have high responsibility and value.

In order to offer our quality products and services to our parallel customers, Placing the right people in the right jobs, increasing our employees’ behavioral and professional knowledge and skills through development possibilities, continuously improving their work efficiency and providing career opportunities.

Biltaş‘s Human Resources policy; With the awareness that the most valuable capital that will carry Biltaş to the next years is human resources, it is to create a stable and peaceful work environment where employees can build up high efficiency teams that support continuous development and employees can adopt and live their company values.

In order to create an institutional culture based on our values ​​that aim to fulfill the commitment and happiness of our employees at the highest level and to contribute to the achievement of our organization’s objectives connected with the strategic plan by applying innovative human resources systems;

  • To work with people who have the competence, knowledge and development potential to carry our company to the future, success, team and value,
  • To create high loyalty through open, communication based, sincere, transparent organization structure,
  • Keeping the development of our employees at every level and level in the foreground, constantly “investing in people”
  • To establish a continuous cooperation based on trust with all our stakeholders in all of our activities,
  • To keep the safety and health and well-being of our company and our employees in the forefront,
  • To comply with moral values ​​and ethical principles responsible for collecting, nature and the environment,
  • To continue contributing to company goals such as “productivity”, “profitability”, “customer satisfaction” by providing continuous improvement of our employees.

We will always be close to our customers by applying open, creative, reliable, contemporary human resources policies to new ideas with a vision of trust and a mission that will approach the issues without giving up our ethical point of view with quality time and information sharing.

System Analyst / Programmer

We looking for candidates with;

  • High School or College Degree,
  • With a team spirit,
  • NET developed at least 2 years code with C # languages,
  • Experienced in Web Base and Mobile Applications,
  • Having knowledge about Java programming language will be the reason of preference,
  • With MS SQL Server programming knowledge,
  • With database and object-oriented programming knowledge,
  • Analytically thinking and solution-focused,
  • Closely following developments in the area,
  • Can work in intensive job temposu,
  • Completed military service (for male candidates),
  • Max 35 years old.

Application Software Marketing Representative

We looking for candidates with;

  • University or college graduate,
  • Experienced in active marketing of application software,
  • Having knowledge about the information sector,
  • We will undertake the responsibility of the following application softwares developed by our company,
  • Accommodation (Hotel, Motel etc.) Sector Software
  • Food and Beverage (Cafe, Bar, Restaurant etc.) Sector Software
  • Mobile Applications (Warehouse Automation, Field Sales etc.)
  • Maintenance and Repair Management System Application
  • Applications for Quality Management
  • Commerce and Industry Chamber Application Software etc.
  • Successful in human relations and communication skills developed, has the ability to present and represent,
  • Will be able to adapt to intensive work tempos,
  • Persuasive,confident, self-care,
  • Class B driver’s license and an active vehicle, non-travel-free,
  • Will work according to salary + bonus system,
  • Completed military service for male candidates,
  • Candidates who are not over 30 years old are being searched.

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Biltaş provides internships in various departments periodically. You can apply for your internship by coming to our company personally or by filling in the internship application form in detail.

In Biltaş, continuous internship (2.5 days / week in school period) and summer internships are accepted. Departments accepting interns;

Software Development Department

After Sales Support Department

Marketing and Sales Services Department

Department of Finance

Administrative Affairs Department

Netsis Department

The working, clothing and other working conditions for the interns are the same as for our permanent staff.

Application Form

Position you want to apply:

Please do not forget to upload your CV.