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It is very important to produce reports on machines, personnel monitoring and productivity by transferring the data to be collected by the data collecting equipments from the machine benches (production machines) online or as needed according to the needs. Because, in today’s world, many enterprises are struggling to improve their productivity and naturally oppose the need to collect data from production and analyze this data.
BSOFTdc Data Collection System, which is the main module of the BSOFTdc Production Data Collection System, allows you to collect data instantly from the scene, from the production lines, from the machines, to process this collected data, to convert it into meaningful data and to process it in the database. The BSOFTvt Data Acquisition Process module is a 100% web-based software that you can track production parameters in real time.

BSOFTvt Data Acquisition Process module is used to determine the production type, production quantity, type, frequency, unit time, reasons for stopping, downtimes, intervention wait times, intervention times, job changes, job change times, workers, technicians, master identities, interventions etc. All kinds of information in a detailed, simple and ergonomic way; Automatically.

The raw data collected from the production are converted into meaningful data by using different algorithms. When unexpected values ​​are encountered in the data collection phase, the information engine is placed in the system and necessary warnings are made. This ensures instantaneous awareness of unexpected outcomes and prevention of these outcomes.

The structure of the equipment / devices to be used for data collection is decided after the inspection of the production site in the enterprises. BSOFTVt supports the following methods in the data collection process.

  • Data collection from Sensor, Encoder and PLC devices
  • Automatically collect data from RFID devices
  • Data collection with hand terminals and mobile devices and operator
  • Data collection with operator assistance via operator panels (kiosk)
  • Support up to 32 devices on one line
  • Infrastructure with 0.25 fiber cables

System Structure:

  • Parameters such as shift, division, fixed values ​​in the workplace are defined.
  • Corresponding point definitions are made here.
  • The steps are defined as questions for the jump.
  • Parameters for OEE generation reports are defined.
  • Matching locations with staff is done so that locations where each staff member can register can be limited.
  • The data terminals connected to the production machines automatically monitor the production, data entry can be done with barcode reader or keypad.
  • At the beginning of the shift, the operators enter the system by entering their registry numbers. Other operators who are looking at their locations are followed up, such as overtime, break time, etc. is followed.
  • When the work produced in the planning unit is initiated while the production is in operation, the work order is entered into the terminal for the relevant machine. The ongoing production movement is automatically considered as this business order.
  • When the production signal is not received from the counter, it can be detected automatically, the alarm is generated.
  • The technician who intervenes accidentally enters his own register no. And error code from the terminal, so the intervention time is followed. Intervention (arrival at the counter) and transaction times can be monitored.
  • According to the terms, work orders may be terminated partly or completely. And, completed work orders are saved in ERP.
  • The productivity information in the business centers included in BSOFTdc is transferred instantly to operators and managers online via monitors.
  • Events such as malfunctions, downtimes and inefficient operation can be sent as an alert to the desired persons instantly via the information engine (sms, e-mail etc.).
  • Thanks to online monitoring, problems in production can be intervened instantaneously and problems can be eliminated.

Some of the benefits you will gain when you follow production performance through the BSOFTdc Data Collection Module;

  • Production Time, quantity and instant follow-up
  • Immediate follow-up of stance and fire
  • Capacity and performance
  • OEE Measure
  • Personnel working time and efficiency follow-up
  • Instant production performance through Dashboard
  • Integration of the used commercial package with production operation and product tree operations.
BSOFTdc includes the production machines, business centers, production lines, etc. The instant status is published online from large monitors or from the screens of users. Information that can be viewed online;

  • Production Related Information (place, type, quantity, work order, unit time etc.)
  • Faults, (Causes, Duration, etc.),
  • Postures (Causes, Duration, etc.),
  • Job Change and Job Change Times,
  • Inefficient Operations,
  • Operators,
  • Shift Information,
  • Production quantities (planned, produced, remaining, incorrect production quantities)
  • Productivity parameters (OEE, Usability, Performance, Quality),
  • Machine production speed etc.

With the Online Monitoring Module it is possible to monitor the real-time status of all machines in the factory. When you click on the related business centers, all information about the relevant business emrine can be displayed.

It is possible to monitor the status of the machines included in the BSOFTdc structure online in different colors (green, yellow and red).

The BSOFTdc Data Analysis Module provides user-friendly reports and visual graphs with meaningful data collected from the production site in an easy-to-understand, detailed, detailed view. All reports are generated according to the user role, within the authorities, and only visible to the interested parties.

Reports such as OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) and TEEP (Total Effective Equipment Productivity) reports can be easily produced by evaluating the number of ready-made reports in the structure as well as the number of different and optional production quantities, postures, With the Report Wizard, you can produce reports that can be designed according to your needs.

OEEs can be reported in detail on the basis of machine, operator, production band, shift. In the detailed and different format reports that can be taken on the basis of machine, work orders, shifts, work-based v.s. OEE accounts can be accessed through a variety of different filters and a variety of different content.

Historical comparative productivity reports and exchange charts can be prepared. Productivity reports can be integrated with currently used systems, sensors, PLCs, and the resulting outputs can be configured to work with integrated systems as needed.

By using the Report Wizard, different reports can be prepared by the user by shaping the information gathered by the operator about production, postures, scrap productions, quality.

The following report types are available in the BSOFTdc Data Analysis Module.

  • Productivity (OEE-EE) reports,
  • Fire reports,
  • Posting reports,
  • Maintenance reports,
  • Machine, Production Line based reports,
  • Shift, Operator based comparative reports.
The BSOFTdc Production Data Acquisition System operates in an integrated and integrated structure with the ERP systems that the enterprises use.

With web services prepared for various modules (finance, stock, current etc.), BSOFTdc can exchange 2-way data with the ERPs of the enterprises as required. Again, according to need, data exchange between these systems can be online or offline.

Thanks to this integration, the data (production work orders etc) in the ERP system are transmitted to the production site and the data (production, scrap quantities, operation times, quality values etc) collected by the automatic or manual methods from the production site are carried to the ERP system in real time. Depending on the requirements of the business and the ERP configuration, the structure of the communication and the content of the information transferred may vary.

Project Details