Project Description

Biltaş Maintenance & Repair System

BSOFTmars is a modern software that manages your company’s maintenance operations of machinery, buildings, equipment etc…

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Biltaş Bakım ve Onarım Çözümleri

ERP sistemleri ile tam entegre.

Şirketinizin Bakım masraflarını BSOFTbakım ile %80 oranında azaltın!

  • Tesis ömrünü artırır.
  • Üretim sürekliliğini sağlar.
  • Kolay kurulum ve kısa sürede devreye alınır.
  • Periyodik Bakım
  • Kestirimci Bakım
  • Arızi Bakım
  • İş emirleri

BSOFTbakım, işletmenizin makine, bina, teçhizat v.b. ekipmanlarının bakım operasyonlarını yapan modern bir Bakım ve Onarım yazılımıdır.


With the developing technology, the functions of the machines in production are increasing day by day. This increase has brought about the necessity of establishing and managing the maintenance and management systems of the machines in the best way as well as the benefits it provides. Unfortunately, businesses that do not make good use of their machines’ maintenance management systems are confronted with a number of problems, such as the disruption of their production and the increase in their costs.

In this sense, the BSOFT Maintenance and Repair Management System Software, developed to solve the above mentioned problems, is prepared considering all the needs and problems faced by the operators in this area.

The BSOFT Maintenance and Repair Management System Module, which we have developed quite extensively, ensures that regular maintenance, recording and recording of the maintenance activities of our own facilities, machinery, other tools and equipment, and unscheduled defects are recorded regularly.

The main goal of the BSOFT Maintenance and Repair Module is to increase the productivity of the production process by minimizing the failures that may occur in the plant, machinery and other tools and equipment in the continuous production and especially the process production by the planned maintenance.

Content as Main Headings

  • You will be able to identify the machines that you use in your business and you will be able to follow these machines in a very detailed way from the power consumption to the installation date,
  • With the user authorization module, you can give detailed authorization to your users,
  • If MARS is integrated with its modules, you can open an unlimited number of warehouses for the control of your materials and spare parts thanks to the multi-warehouse operation feature,
  • You will be able to define minimum and maximum stock levels of materials and spare parts and make inventory according to these levels,
  • You will be able to define your personnel working in warehouse and maintenance departments and follow who is interfering with which fault,
  • You will be able to enter your warehouse and department-based orders, track their completion status,
  • You will be able to keep records of breakdowns and repair of malfunctioning machines, receive detailed reports on them,
  • You will be able to follow up and receive reports on machines and parts sent out to you,
  • You will be able to define maintenance periods for your machines and you will be able to have the system automatically alert you for these maintenance,
  • For the care you plan, departments and staff can assign work orders and you can monitor their results,
  • You will be able to design reports according to your own wishes, save them with different names and use them at any time,

The contents of the main functions to be included in the Maintenance and Repair Management System are summarized below;


  • General Parameters:
    General parameters used in the program are defined. Integration information, time and currency units
  • Location Definitions:
    Location Definitions of the machines to be repaired.
  • Staff Definitions:
    Personnel personal information, contact information, overtime fees
  • Shift Notes:
    Notes to the next shift in shift change
  • Request form:
    Purchase Request Form
    Energy Management:
    Electricity, Water, Natural Gas Expenses Monthly Invoice
    Fault Definitions:
    Machine / vehicle independent General Fault Definitions
  • Maintenance Definitions:
    Machine / Vehicle independent General Maintenance Definitions
  • Instructional Information:
    Fault / Maintenance instructions and Safety Instructions definitions used for faults and maintenance
  • Code Definitions:
    Dynamically added and updated features within the All Maintenance and Repair System
  • Machine / Vehicle Definitions:
    Definitions of all the elements in the Maintenance Repair System. Sub-definitions of these Elements:
  • Equipment Information: Machine / Vehicle Equipment
  • Location Information: List of all current and previous locations of the machine / vehicle
  • Spare Parts Information: Machine / Vehicle spare parts list
  • Security Hardware:
  • Consumable Information: List of materials consumed periodically by the machine / vehicle
  • Insurance Information:
  • Tax and Inspection information:
  • Work Accident Information: Date, Accident Staff and Attached Documents
  • Counter Information: If present, the counter values ​​read in the Machine / Vehicle Date
  • Driver Information: List of personnel who can use machine / tool
  • Accessory Information:
  • Predictive Maintenance Machine Measuring Information:  Predictive Maintenance Machine Estimations / Car and Equipment
  • Predictive Maintenance Analyzes: Analyzes made for estimating maintenance on Machine / Vehicle and Equipments
  • Machine – Plant Technical Specifications
    • Purchase Date, Cost, Buying Company Information, Status (2nd Hand, New)
    • Depreciation Follow-up
    • Who was involved in the purchase, comparison forms, information of other companies
    • Shipping information (Dimensions, Weight) of the machine, Which method and tool was used when placing (several tons of cranes or forklifts)
    • Machine / plant location information (Where is now, where in the past was)
    • Product (machine) tree and technical specifications of each floor (Power, Turnover, Material, Current / Voltage, Freq., Sensitivity etc.)
    • List of important spare parts (codes, term dates, information of the companies to be supplied, prices)
    • Warranty Period Follow-up
      • New device Warranty
      • Repair – Overhaul Warranty
      • All machine
      • Warranty period follow-up of the machine’s repairing or servicing or changing parts
      • Warranty Period End alarm
      • Machinery / Plant Overhaul
      • Changing parts
      • Insertions
      • Machine / Files folder
      • drawings
      • PLC Programs
      • Pictures Vs
      • Machine / Accidental Work Accidents (direct pass to OHS report in Personnel Program)
      • List of security equipment belonging to machine /
      • Periodical inspection plan of machinery / plant
      • Machine / Plant Lubrication Plan
      • Operating Instruction
      • Safety Instruction
      • Hazardous Chemicals
      • Lock Out – Tag Out Requirements and LOTTO plan
      • List of personal protective equipment to be used when working on the machine / test
      • Environment aspects of machinery / plant
      • Waste
      • Emissions (Emission Values)
      • Oils (gender, quantity, etc.), Invoice values
      • Chemicals (gender, Amount [kg / yr])
      • Waste water
      • Technical analysis values
      • Billing Records
      • Solid Waste
      • Paper-Carton Waste Amounts and Invoice Value
      • Nylon Waste Quantity and Invoice Values
      • Electronic waste quantities and invoice values
      • Other solid wastes
      • Contamine Waste
      • Contamine waste quantities and invoice values
      • Contaminant Waste Quantities and Invoice Values
      • Use of natural resources
      • Air (m ^ 3 / min, bar, Quality)
      • Water
      • (M ^ 3 / min, bar, C, Hardness, Quality)
      • Monthly Invoice Records
      • Installed Electric Power Consumption (kW at load, kW at idle)
      • Chemical (list)
      • Natural Gas (Nm3 / h, mbar)
      • Noise (dBA)
      • Machine Performance
      • Committed OEE values
      • Actual OEE values ​​(daily)


  • Database Connection Settings
  • User Location Rights:
    Manage the rights that allow the user to view Machine / Vehicle Park, Work Requests and Work Orders
  • Personnel Disclosure Location Rights:
    Management of Personnel Rights used by the Disclosure Service. (When a job request is entered, when a job order is created, in Planned Care Reminders …)
  • Information according to positions Location Rights:
    Management of Employee Job Position based rights, not personnel based on the Disclosure Service.
  • Log Management:
    Management of all transactions, events and exceptions within MARS application


  • Failure Notification (Work Order)
    Computer environment failure reports of workshops and departments
    Removing printouts from the maintenance department
    To give order of urgency
    Creation of main and sub work orders
    Ability to perform job orderless operations for very small jobs
  • Work Order Confirmation, Assignment
  • Defect Removal
    Records of work done
    Employees and their duration
    Root cause investigation
    Materials used and their costs
    Total failure cost
    Safety warnings
    Technical warnings
    Registration of changes made
  • Failure to Disable the Work Order
    Master-Foreman Approve
    Relevant Workshop Chief Approval
    Maintenance Supervisor
  • Waiting for a fault
    Standby with Buying
    Order Form Information and Termin
  • Outside Service – Supplier Originated
    Order Form Information and Termin
    Company Info
  • From Maintenance
    Machine Running, Fault Followed


  • Protective Periodic Maintenance
    • Automatic Job Opening
    • Daily, Monthly, Tri-monthly, Six-Monthly, Annual Machine Maintenance Lists
    • List of Control Forms in ISO 9000 Document System
    • Spare parts, materials, personnel and time information used
    • Security Alerts
    • Warning / Alarm module
  • Legal Periodic Controls
    • Automatic Job Opening
    • List of Control Forms in ISO 9000 Document System
    • Warning / Alarm Module


  • Automatic Job Opening
  • List of Estimated Maintenance Machines and Devices, Values ​​of Estimator Maintenance Parameters
  • Predictive Maintenance Tools Register Cards
  • Predictive Maintenance Instructions
  • Security Alerts
  • Estimation Results


  • Operator Maintenance Forms and forms in the ISO 9000 Documentation System
  • Security Alerts
  • Operator Maintenance Approvals


  • ISO 9000 Documentation System Structure


  • Job Requests – Work Order: Any request for maintenance, malfunction or overhaul / renewal is created by the Work Request.
    • The master can see the unsuitable request in the department and cancel it (Request Close). Or the request for approval and request falls on the Maintenance Repair Chief’s screen.
    • Maintenance Repair Chief can see the request unsuitable and cancel (Request Closed). Or turn the demand to business order.
    • After Work Order;
      • This work is made in order of Care, Malfunctions, Manufacturing and Revisions,
      • Personnel working for Maintenance, Failure, Manufacturing and Revision can be followed up by defining working time, Materials Used, Machine Stop Time, Job Descriptions and Outside Service Information.
      • This process can be facilitated by changing the work order status. (Waiting for Outside Service, Waiting for Material, Waiting for Approval, Staff Waiting.)
    • After the Job Order is completed, the job order is closed and the authorized persons are informed via the information service (Mail, Sms, Fax)
      If necessary, the Job Order can be reopened and job descriptions can be made.
  • Work Order :Direct work order can be created and followed for operations which dont need to create work order
  • Periodic Maintenance Plans : Machine / Vehicles Counter or Date based maintenance can be scheduled periodically. If the machine / vehicle is being monitored on fixed dates (01.01.09; 01.07.2009), on periodic dates (every 3 months) or on counter basis (10bin, 50k) or on periodic counters It can be planned.
    • Date or Counter Based planned maintenance can be converted individually or in batch to Work order.
      Work Orders created from periodic maintenance will re-schedule periodic maintenance
  • Counter Update : The counters of machines / vehicles on which the counter is set are updated with estimated or actual values.


  • Main Groups
  • Material Information
  • Warehouse Codes
  • Stock Input and Output Operations
  • Stock Submissions
  • Current Card Information


  • Opening the order (filling out the Procurement Form and issuing the signature)
  • Registration of the filled-in form, connection to the relevant work order
  • Service, company supplier etc. Business card with contact information


  • Bill Registers
    • Monthly Electricity Bills
    • Monthly Natural Gas Bills
    • Monthly Fuel Bills
  • Electricity
    • Daily consumption information
    • Daily CosW information
    • Consumption Distribution
      • Workshop-based distribution
        Device-based distribution
        • resistances
        • Lighting
        • engines
        • compressors
  • Natural Gas
    • Consumption Distrubition


  • Periodic Controls
  • Warranty Periods
  • Low Stock levels
  • Lubrication / Filter Change Times
  • Management Programs Terminals
  • Special alarms created by staff


  • Lock Out – Create Tag Out Procedure,
  • Identification and follow-up of Hazardous Machinery and Facilities
  • MSDS of hazardous materials
  • Associating Work Orders and Safety Plans
  • List of Personal Protective Equipment


  • Machine / Plant Stop Report
  • Malfunction Maintenance Times
  • Periodic Maintenance Times and Implementation Rates
  • Staff Performance
  • Monthly Turnover / Monthly Maintenance Cost

BSOFTmars has a reporting wizard and reports can be visualized (bar, paste, curve, etc.) and listed.

  • Machinery / Facility List
  • Component lists (Product tree)
  • Material Usage Report
  • Distribution report of work types by maintenance
  • Machine Based Maintenance Cost Report
  • Maximal analysis
  • Monthly breakdown situation graph
  • Monthly Maintenance Costs Report
  • Posting Reports
  • Amortization Report
  • Energy consumption report
  • Energy Cost Analysis Report (Total Energy Consumption / Turnover)
  • Desired report with selection of desired parameters


  • Director Screens
    • Stopped Machinery and Facilities, Reasons for Stopping, Troubleshooting Terminals
    • Standard Report Icons
    • Monitoring of critical machines
  • Maintenance Department Screens
    • Fault tracking screen
    • Alarm Screen
    • Pending failures screen
    • reporting
    • Regular Periodic Maintenance
    • Stock
    • Order form
    • Monitoring of Management Programs
    • Energy management
  • Workshop and Section Officers screens
    • Failure reporting
    • Tracking your own failures
    • Standard report icons
    • Machine registry records
 It is a module that makes SMS, Mail, Pop Up to the person and persons you want any warnings (job requests, work order changes, scheduled maintenance times, predictive maintenance alerts etc.).
Is a software module that enables many operational operations to be performed on mobile devices and also communicates with BSOFTmars computer notification.