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Project Description


Reservation at BSOFTmarin

  • To be able to register the pre-information about the boat and the owner of the boat in order to make the reservation entry process (Boat Information, Boat Name, Boat Type, Flag, Eni, Length, Depth, Entry-Exit Date, Marine arrival reason, Invoice Information, Invoice Name, Invoice Address, Tax Number, Tax Office, TC Identification Number), current code, identity information, boat owner, authorized person, contact person /
  • You can set your own private exchange rate,
  • Documents about reservation, can store additional information on the system. Later, to be able to review this information,
  • According to the information given at the time of booking, it is possible to associate the boat with the Ponton and the Vault, which are available between the dates requested,
  • To be able to follow the insurance information of Teknen on the reservation card,
  • To store and display the insurance documents of the teknen on the following system,
  • It is possible to see on the system whether or not the booking is recorded in the list of listed companies.

Contract at BSOFTmarin

  • Ability to work with the contract type as desired. (Lift Contract, Lift Contract), Lease Contract, Warehouse Contract, Park (Land Landing Contract).
  • Contract types can define Price Lists in different currencies on the basis of high or low seasons.
  • To be able to determine the unit price according to the number of m2, tonnage and calender days in the price lists and seasons.
  • Communicate with the customers on the basis of the specified price lists and prepare contract proposals according to the boat information given at the requested dates.
  • To be able to store and print prepared bids in different formats and to send them to the customer via e-mail.
  • To be able to define the boat, customer information, current account for use in the contract.
  • To be able to print the cover and contract form in the desired format related to the contract.
  • To store the generated contract in different formats, .pdf, .xls, .doc ..v.s depending on the contract record on the system.
  • To ensure that contract documents are entered into the system in order to pass the approval process, not to give the contractor’s approval by warning the user in case of missing documents.
  • Contracting is to be able to define the status of the given sea or land on the system.
  • To be able to calculate the Black Finger Tale on the contract according to the situation of the sea or land binding.
  • To be able to calculate discount and discount rate / amount on contract basis on authorization basis.
  • To be able to manually price on authority basis.
  • Drawing – To create documents to be given to the drafting team about the throwing, and to be able to print.
  • Drawing – To make the necessary documents for the customs of the throwing technician and to make the printing.
  • To be able to determine special color palettes and periods for the planning of the land parking area.
  • To be able to receive reservation and contract information according to the maximum, height and depth information of the pontoon and vault availability cases.

Services at BSOFTmarin

  • The services can be defined parametically as paid and free of charge.
  • The services provided in the marina (electricity, water, etc.) and services taken from outside the marina (Master Entrance, Technical service ..v.s) can be followed on the system.
  • Contract types on the system are defined in the system as a service and the system automatically makes the customer extres owing the approval of the contracts.
  • Expenditure items are defined as services and payment transactions are defined as services in the system. (Cash, Credit Card, Money Transfer, etc.)
  • In service descriptions, it is possible to define in which billing group the relevant service is to be followed.
  • VAT definitions of services, inclusion / exclusion information can be tracked on the system as a preliminary value.
  • Paid services are calculated on the contract end dates and collected from the customers.
  • It is ensured that people and institutions can enter the system with their own user and follow the debts and receivables until the end date of the contract.
  • You can make debts and contract letters.
  • Communication, cleaning, maintenance, technical service, telephone, diver, etc. Additional service entries and costs.
  • Billing can be done in different languages ​​and currencies.
  • VAT definitions can be made at different rates.
  • Financial transactions can be made for claims receivable, pay, customer or boat.
  • Do not delete any extreme information on the system to be able to cancel only.

Daily Boat Operations at BSOFTmarin

With BSOFTmarin, you can make your Daily Boat Operations in your business easy and fast.

  • To be able to create a customer proposal and send a customer by e-mail,
  • To make reservations,
  • To enter the contract,
  • Being able to perform boat entry, exit, displacement, sefere exit operations,
  • To be able to prepare proposals on request,
  • To be able to control pontoons and vaults,
  • To be able to enter service on customer extras in different currencies and exchange rates,
  • Different on customer extrusion
BSOFTmarin, your vaults in the sea area and your carpark areas on the land, max. It will help you plan to get the yield.

  • You can track the availability of your vault information.
  • You can follow boat, customer booking, contract, voyage information related to the vaults.
  • You can track blocked and reserve conditions of the vaults.
  • You can see the bird’s eye visually full of your marina on the marina krokisi.
  • You can make arrangements for boat layout on the sketch.
  • You can make your land plan according to the actual width * height information of the boats.
  • You can get your filled and remaining free space information on the land area in m2.
  • You can color the boats according to the contract end dates of the boats in the land area and follow the boat landings according to the system history of the boats in the land area visual.
  • On the landing area visual image, it is possible to drag and drop the boats and position them on the screen according to the real situation plan with 360 degree rotation feature.
  • Carpark area planning is done according to land area and actual boat size.
  • The position information on the flank is provided through the system.
  • On the visual marine krokis, the vaults of the boats are connected, displaced, sent to the mosque and returned from time to time.
  • The position information of the technician in the sea and the knowledge of which tone is connected are provided through the system.
The BSOFTmarin Marine Management System provides faster data entry and streaming using mobile devices for operations performed by the mooring and skidding team. It is also an up-to-date marinasing software that allows the management team to receive marina management reports from mobile devices at any time.

  • It is ensured that the mooring team can access the information of the new technology to the marine by using the Bluetooth device infrastructure.
  • The mooring of the mooring crew is provided through the system of tonnage guidance available.
  • It is ensured that the boat mooring position is transmitted to the mooring team.
  • It is ensured that the technician sends information to the chief and return information from time to time.
  • It is ensured that the technical information of the technician’s position information and the technic information of the technician to be pulled by the crew are transmitted to the boat operator.
  • It is ensured that the position information of the boat to be taken to the sea is transmitted to the trailer operator.
  • The trailer operator is provided with a step-by-step process of shooting to the sea or from the sea.
  • The management team is able to create reports on mobile devices.
The BSOFTmarin marine program helps you keep track of the service process, which starts with the landing operation and comes to the operator for maintenance, in the most detailed way.

  • The subcontractor can provide follow-up on the material basic information,
  • You can define the definitions and amounts of the service,
  • You can create Job orders for the boat,
  • You can do detailed job follow-up,
  • You can track the amount and amount of materials used,
  • You can specify subcontractor rewards,
  • You can follow visual information assisted service,
  • You can follow the periodical maintenance of the boats through the system,
  • You can open automatic work orders for periodic maintenance,
  • You can get monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual boat / engine maintenance lists for periodic maintenance,
  • You can follow the used spare parts, materials, personnel and time information,
  • You can follow Security Alerts,
  • You can use the alarm / alarm notification system.
BSOFTmarin Marine Management System has the infrastructure that can integrate with your pedestal application that you are using in your business.

If pedestal sub-structure is online, the desired information is reached by accessing the data on the pedestal and the integration with the customer extresion is ensured.
Pedestal sub-structure In case of a system operating in the form of offline card reading, integration with the pedestal card system is provided. The uploading process to the cards is done with BSOFTmarin marine software and integration with customer extras is provided.

Project Details